Pool Care Tips: How to Take Care of Your New Pool

person cleaning pool to ensure good pool care

Having a pool can be a great way to relax and enjoy your summer days, but if not taken care of properly, it can quickly become an expensive hassle. Less than 8% of homes in the US have a pool in their backyard. Unfortunately, it can be easy to not think about pool care until your pool has become overrun with algae and other nasty critters.

That’s why if you have just purchased a new pool or are thinking of getting a pool installation this summer, it is important to review the three Cs of successful pool cleaning—circulation, chemistry, and cleaning.


Good pool circulation is essential to keeping a healthy and safe swimming environment. Here are some things to look out for:

  • The pump should be running for 8 to 10 hours per day in order to maintain proper levels of chlorine and other chemical sanitizers.
  • Your filter should be checked regularly because a clogged one can cause low water circulation which can encourage bacteria growth.
  • Make sure to check the water level often as low levels can prevent proper circulation.


Maintaining the water chemistry of your pool is essential for keeping it clean and safe. Test the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels regularly to make sure they are within the ranges suggested based on your plaster material. Then adjust these levels as needed to keep them in check. 


Regularly cleaning your pool is essential for reducing the amount of dirt, debris, and bacteria in it. A good checklist to follow includes:

  • Use a leaf net or vacuum cleaner to remove any visible debris like leaves or twigs from the pool surface
  • Keep an eye out for areas that may be collecting dirt and debris and make sure to clean them as needed

To make things easier, create a pool cleaning schedule for your family and stick to it. And to make things breezy, you can hire a pool cleaning service. They’ll know exactly what to do to keep your pool looking and feeling its best.

Following the three Cs of pool care is the best way to ensure your new swimming pool stays clean, chemical levels are maintained, and circulation is continuous. If done properly, you can enjoy a summer filled with a lot of swimming, and little worry.

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