How to Prep Your Pool for Summer: Your Pool Prep Checklist!

Two couples having a pool party

You know summer is just around the corner when you catch the first whiff of barbecue in the air and the distant squeals of kids as the time arrives for the pool opening in the neighborhood. It’s the season of pool parties, sun-soaked afternoons, and creating memories with friends and family. But before you can dip even a toe, your pool requires a bit of TLC to ensure it’s at its summer-ready best.

Ensuring your pool is in top-notch condition for swimming season isn’t just about aesthetic appeal; it’s also about health and safety. Proper summer pool prep can help offer clear, clean waters that are as safe as they are inviting.

Your Summer Pool Opening Prep Checklist

Before you don your swimsuit for the grand pool opening, work through this checklist to guarantee your backyard is ready for a season of fun in the sun. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Clear and Clean

The first order of business is to rid your pool of the vestiges of winter. Skim the water’s surface to remove leaves, branches, and any other debris that has made its way into the pool. Grab a brush and scrub the walls and tiles to eliminate any algae buildup. Then, run a pool vacuum to clear out the settled sediments from the floor.

Step 2: Filter Check-Up

Your pool’s filter is its primary defense against contaminants. Before you get caught up in pool opening season, inspect your filter for any signs of wear or tear, and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on cleaning or replacement. A clean filter ensures that your water recirculates efficiently, keeping it clear and healthy for swimmers.

Step 3: Pump It Up

The pool pump keeps the water moving, which is essential for both cleaning and maintaining proper filtration. Check for leaks, test the pump’s motor, and ensure the pressure gauges are functioning properly. If your pump isn’t at its best, it might be time for a professional evaluation.

Step 4: Water Level Matters

Your pool’s water level needs to be just right—too much and there’s the risk of flooding, while too little can lead to pump damage. Fill your pool to the midpoint of the skimmer opening. Keep an eye on it as the temperature rises and adjust as necessary. This one applies to winterized pools as well as new pool builds!

Step 5: Landscaping Love

The area around your pool can harbor materials that end up in the water. Tidy up and trim back any plants or trees whose branches could become future floating debris. This step not only helps with cleanliness but also prevents organic material from altering your pool’s chemical balance.

Step 6: Aesthetics and Ambiance

Don’t forget the fun part of pool opening! Get a fresh start this summer with a little something new. Consider adding colorful LED lighting to your pool for evening ambiance. String up some backyard lights for an inviting glow. Invest in a few new pool toys and floats for summer excitement. These little additions can transform your pool into the ultimate summer escape.

Other Summer Additions for Your Backyard

While focusing on your pool, why not take the opportunity to think more broadly about your outdoor space? A pool is just one piece of the puzzle, and when paired with features like a BBQ island, a soothing water feature, or a natural rockscaping design, the result is a backyard that’s an extension of your home in every way.

Incorporating these additional elements can significantly enhance your outdoor living experience. From hosting evening dinner parties to simply relaxing and enjoying the warm weather, a well-designed backyard adds value to your home and maximizes your enjoyment of summer.

Pool-Prepping Made Easy with Taylor Made Pools

The key to a successful summer season with your pool lies in the preparation. By following this pool opening checklist and considering ways to enhance your backyard further, you are not only setting up for a safe and fun summer, but you’re also investing in an attractive and functional outdoor area.

When it’s time to elevate your summer experience with a poolscape that’s not only ready but refreshed, look no further than Taylor Made Pools. Our team creates unique pool and spa construction, aesthetic hardscapes, dreamy landscape lighting, and more. Contact us today and experience the difference a backyard oasis can make in your summer enjoyment.