5 Ideas to Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Swimming Pool

backyard fire pit
Today, staying at home and lounging in your private backyard oasis next to your pool is a dream come true for most homeowners. If you’re looking to add a pool or perhaps renovate and modernize your current pool, these ideas could come in handy in enhancing the enjoyability of your pool Check them out:
  • Consider underwater LED lighting LED underwater lighting is convenient during a night-time dip and helps set a mood in the pool area. LED lights are also conveniently energy-saving, and their intensity and color can be adjusted to suit any atmosphere, from a party vibe to a romantic evening setting.
  • Add a waterfall feature Incorporating a waterfall into your pool design has a lot of perks. Not only is it fascinating, but also the natural sound of flowing water can help block other background noises, which makes it easy to fall asleep.
  • Deck it out With a pool comes sunbathing and enjoying light refreshments just on the side. This means your surrounding decking should be as beautiful as your pool. You have many options for deck or patio designs; you could go with a natural stone patio for a more custom look that brings character to your pool design while complementing the rest of the garden. For a tidier look with a bit of symmetry, a paved design will do.
  • Create a warm, inviting space with a fire feature A fire feature creates a more exciting setting. Fire pots on top of your waterfall will do the trick for a bit of dramatic style. Besides their aesthetic effect, fire features also bring warmth during cold nights.
  • Fountain bubblers These can be an exciting addition, especially for kids. These are small jets shooting water upwards and tumbling back into the pool, creating a jacuzzi effect. You can call them mini fountains. They are also affordable.
A swimming pool is a luxurious addition, so have fun designing it the best way you can go.

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