Is It Time to Remodel Your Pool?

Your swimming pool is a refreshing spot and an entertainment feature. But it cannot perform its task if it’s not in good shape. We’re almost approaching the warmer season, so for your spring checklist, add pool remodeling if you notice any of these signs:
  • Pool leaks – if you notice unexplainable water loss in your pool, there may be one or several leaks from areas such as the drains, jets, skimmers, pipe valves, including light fixtures. These leaks will need to be sealed to prevent further damage to your pool.
  • Worn-out parts – pool components such as decking, lighting, pumps, tiles, and plumbing systems all need to be in perfect shape for effective pool performance. If you notice that they are damaged and worn out, it may be time to call a pool expert.
  • Your pool is outdated – well, there’s no arguing with that. If your pool was built in the 90s, it might lack some modern features, and the appearance may have deteriorated. A simple remodeling will help fix this.
  • Safety issues – aesthetics and functionality are two of the most important reasons to remodel a pool. However, they are not the only reason, of great importance is safety. If your pool has faulty electrical connections, broken grates, or damaged surfaces that may cause accidents, a remodel is very necessary.
  • Your pool is smaller for your family – expanding your pool will accommodate your growing family and all your friends when you host them.
So, do you feel the need to remodel your pool?

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