Want a Luxury Spa at Home? Here’s a Guide

Did you know you can create your fitness and wellness retreat just in the comfort of your home? And we’re not referring to just an indoor swimming pool. There are endless possibilities to creating a comfortable, relaxing, and detox spot just for you- a home spa.

So, what is contained in a home spa?

A spa can contain many facilities, including a steam room, sauna, sensory shower, warm bath, pool, indoor pool, and more. If you can have some or all of these facilities, your wellness and fitness experience will be catered for. There are a lot of benefits to having a home spa. Besides health benefits, you also get to save a lot of time looking for a favorite hotel spa that suits your liking. A spa can also increase the value of your home. Now that you know what you get from a home spa, let’s look at creating it.
  • Start by allocating a room A home spa can take any space; you don’t have to erect a whole new building to create it. You only need a few square footages, which will depend on the spa amenities you need. Your basement space can work just fine. You have to make sure the area you choose can survive wetness, for example, a spa pool or steam room.
  • Figure out the design Whether you’re going for a vintage feel or a more modern and contemporary style, the design you go for is what will set the tone of the entire outlook. Like a bespoke home interior, you can choose to combine different materials in your spa design, for example, a steam room constructed of natural stone or a wood sauna with a high-end look for the sensory shower. Also, consider creating spa zones to help create a natural flow in the entire space.
  • Color tones Remember to keep the color tones neutral. The goal is to create a visually appealing spa without compromising its relaxing feel. Bright colors like red are rather stimulating instead of soothing. So go something cooler and neutral.
  • Prioritize lighting Also, utilize as much natural light as possible, so windows and skylights are a go-to.
  • Add spa equipment Once you’ve settled on a design, you can now select the spa facilities you want. You can add more features such as music systems, not forgetting a designated space for storage of spa accessories such as towels.
Creating a luxury spa is not a one-man’s job, much less an inexperienced homeowner. That is why it is best to seek the help of a professional.

Let Taylor Made Pool Help You with Your Spa Building

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