Practical Ways to Conserve Your Pool Water and Save Money

Pools should bring fun and relaxation to your life, and they do, but they can sometimes suck money out of you, especially in terms of water bills. That is why it is essential to look into water-saving techniques that will make your pool management more efficient and productive while reducing the amount of money you spend. Water Saving Techniques:
  1. Pool Covers – When not using the pool, cover it with a blanket or tarp overnight. It’ll lower the evaporation rate by as much as 90%. Pool covers also give protection from debris, pets, and even small children.
  2. Look out for leaks – a broken pump, Culligan water conditioner, or even a leaking swimming pool cover can instantly cause wastage of pool water. Take immediate action to fix any damage to your pool before you lose even more money paying for water and replacing the damaged equipment.
  3. Clean your filter – it’s easy to clean and maintain a filter. Ensure you regularly clean the filter and add chemicals or salt to prevent algae growth in your pool. This will help you save precious water.
  4. Pool pump maintenance – It is easy to maintain a pool pump. Simply change the filter and ensure that there is nothing stuck in the lines and that your pump is not taking on much water to prevent clogs and leaks from occurring.
  5. Water circulation – You may want to look into how well the circulation works. You can do this by removing your skimmers and looking at how much water your filter removes from the pool.
  6. Water level – make sure you check your pool water level every few days or weeks to discover that any evaporation is taking place. If it is a tad low, you can simply adjust the water level to prevent any leakage that could occur soon; this will save you a lot of money on water bills.
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