5 Upgrades That Your Aging Pool Needs

Many people consider upgrading their pools as they approach old age and see that summer fun is at risk.  Let’s face it: the industry has done an excellent job developing new technologies and making things more convenient over time. Soon enough, most swimming pools will be outdated or not maintained properly. Even if you have a pool that looks presentable and does its job, it needs some love every once in a while, to keep it running smoothly. Consider these upgrading these:
  1. Out-of-date materials One of the biggest culprits in older pools is the outdated materials still in play for most of them. Oils, paints, chemicals, and other similar materials don’t exist anymore. It’s time to upgrade! 
  2. Aging pumps If your pool has many complex features, you may be using some older models from a decade ago that really can’t handle your water flow needs anymore. As your water flow increases, your pump has to work harder. When you’re using a pump from the 1990s, it’s taking a lot more work than today’s pumps. It’s time to upgrade if you’ve reached your flow capacity and the pump motor is complaining about it.
  3. Aging equipment As with the pump, there are also some significant issues with outdated equipment. Water temperature control is an essential part of swimming pool care, so newer technologies have been developed to try and improve efficiency and save on energy costs. However, older models may not be able to handle the high-water temperatures or not work correctly at all.
  4. Damaged decking If you decide to take the plunge, it’s time to assess your investment. If you’ve recently had a significant water leak, that’s probably a sign of several problems you must address immediately. Damaged decking is a big one, so be sure to assess your pool area and the condition of your decking. Most old pools see damage through neglect, so before you spend too much money on new materials and equipment, it’s essential to make sure the current ones are in good enough shape to last as long as possible.
  5. Filters that aren’t doing the job anymore Maybe you have a filter that was great when it was new, but now you’re noticing it’s not filtering the way it should. Over time, filters stop working correctly, so if you’ve noticed this, it’s time for an upgrade. Most people think about upgrading pool equipment and forget about upgrades to their filters, so don’t make any costly mistakes by overlooking this item!
These aren’t all of the pool upgrades you should be considering. However, these are probably the most common and will prevent your pool from seeing a premature demise.  Even if you’ve been neglecting your pool for years, it’s not too late to get things back on track. 

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