Free-Form Vs. Rectangular Swimming Pool: Which Is Your Pick?

When you’ve decided to add an inground pool to your backyard, so many decisions go into it, from budgeting, the pool placement, and of great importance, the pool’s shape and design. The pool’s shape affects the functionality and aesthetics, meaning this is a big decision to make. With inground pools’ shapes, you can either go free-form or rectangular. Let’s look into the two, focusing on their pros and cons;
  • Rectangular swimming pools These are the traditional pools; they are what comes into most people’s minds as a default shape. Rectangular forms are a timeless design that features clean lines with sharp edges. They give a modern vibe. More than that, they can accommodate most pool add-ons, and they are the only design that can accommodate an automatic pool cover because of the straight lines. So, if you desire a sleek, modern feel for your swimming pool, a rectangular shape is your best bet.
  • Free-form swimming pools These are designed to conform to the landscaping of your yard. The idea is to blend the pool with your property’s architecture. They give a more natural vibe since nature has curves and imperfect edges, and that’s what free-form pools are. These are most preferred by homeowners going for a custom look or a homeowner who wants the pool to be a statement piece in the backyard.
Other factors that will also influence your pool’s shape, include;
  • The proximity of your pool to your home; if the pool should be near, it should complement the design of your home. So, a rectangular swimming pool should be your go-to if your home has many rectangular features, perhaps rectangular or squared windows or sharp edges. Likewise, a free-form pool best suits your yard’s aesthetics if your home has some curvature.
  • The Pool’s function; if your pool is supposed to be for laps and exercises, you need space and straight lines, meaning a rectangular pool is your best option. In the case where it is for entertainment or the yard’s centerpiece, free-form makes more sense.
Whichever design you desire, working with a professional will bring you a step closer to realizing your dream pool.

Let Us Help You with Your Pool Building Needs

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