Can I Add a Water Feature to An Existing Swimming Pool?

Not many people can argue against a swimming pool being the best addition to your home backyard. The sight of the sparkling blue water is impressive, and a swim in the calm waters, especially in the hot summer, is to die for. However, there’s more to a swimming pool than just the water. For instance, did you know you can increase your pool’s functionality, fun, and appealing by adding some features and accessories? I bet you did. One of the most outstanding features is a water feature, from scuppers, fountains, spillover spas, grottos, and more. Water features are an excellent addition for several reasons:
  • They create a focal point
  • Elevates the swimming experience
  • It tends to block outside noise
  • It is fun
  • Some types of water features can help with filtering the pool water
  • And it also creates some form of sensory experience
These benefits speak to why water features are a desired add-on for many pool owners. However, most people need an answer to whether it is possible to add a water feature to an existing pool. The answer is yes, it is possible. However, some hiccups come with that initiative. For one, it involves a lot of work, and you need the help of a reliable expert to pull it off since there are a lot of mechanics involved, from analyzing the drainage of the pool, its water pump, and filtration system, to calculating the depth of your pool water. And it’s also expensive to add a water feature to an existing pool. The thing is, it’s a lot easier to incorporate a water feature into a new pool design before building it than it is to do on an already existing pool. But you’re good to go if you can get a reliable pro to create a water feature in your existing pool.

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