What Are the Causes of Cloudy Pool Water and Solutions?

Various factors can cause cloudy water in your pool. It could be something as simple as high pH levels or a build-up of algae. Whatever the cause, there are solutions to help you get your pool water looking crystal clear again.
  • High pH levels: When your pool’s pH level is too high, the water can appear cloudy. The solution is to lower the pH level in your pool. You can do this by adding an acid to the water or using a chemical treatment designed to reduce the pH level.
  • Improper filtration is another primary cause of cloudy water: If your filter isn’t working correctly, it won’t be able to remove all of the dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the water. This can result in a build-up of these substances in the water, making it cloudy.
  • Poor sanitization can also cause cloudy water: If your pool isn’t properly sanitized, algae and bacteria can grow in the water, making it dirty.
  • Excessive organic matter in the water can also lead to cloudy water: This can be caused by things like leaves, twigs, or even by swimmers tracking in dirt and debris.
  • Algae build-up: Algae can grow in pools that are not properly chlorinated: The solution is to shock your pool with a high dose of chlorine, which will kill the algae and make your pool water look clear again.
If you’re unsure what is causing your pool’s cloudy water, you can always ask a professional for help.  A qualified pool technician can identify the problem and recommend a solution. With their help, your pool will look perfect in no time!

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